Integration, Wisdom and Paradigm Change

Money is a great tool, no need to get rid of it. What we need is a philo/etho/eco-dollar and integrated economics. Integration of truths, workabilities, applicabilities and highest ethical considerations is the very process of wisdom. Call it a Wisdomics and apply the policies aligned with such thinking.

Steven Moore is an ideologue. Ideologues are linear thinkers when what is required is integrative thinking. The process of wisdom is the integration of opposites, and a paradigm being a single concept that grasps and affects an entire pattern change makes it the quintessential integration of opposites.

Conceptual opposition is a primary signature of paradigm change and Debt/Burden and Monetary Gifting are opposites. Likewise power is the ethos/zeitgeist of the age and grace as in redeemed power is its opposite. Think about it.


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