What We Need

Look, we don’t need another regurgitation of already affirmed and confirmed heterodox critique of present orthodoxy. We need action that has a clear vision forward toward change. That is what everyone here beside myself lacks. I’ve heard Steve Keen say over and over that we need a new paradigm, or a new philosophy in economics…and then go right back to critiquing the orthodox. I’m not against that, but we have to move forward. The truth is no one knows how to move forward with confidence BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THE CONCEPT OF THE NEW PARADIGM IS. HENCE THEY CANNOT VISUALIZE IT AND CRAFT POLICY AROUND IT.

Unconsciousness is a mental immovable object unless you know how to break through and dispel it. Even Steve Keen whose main critique of DSGE is it ignores money, debt and banks looks directly at the main components of the present paradigm….but still doesn’t know how to discern the new one. If you read my book you learn the historical signatures of all imminent and accomplished new paradigms so you can use them to discern the new one.

Enough with mere intellectualism. We need action, enlightened and wise action.


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