The Distraction of Capitalism vs Socialism and Pardigm Perception As The Real Solution

The whole capitalism-socialism thing is a distraction. The conflict is finance and its paradigm of Debt Only for the sole monopolistic form and vehicle for the distribution of credit/money…versus virtually everyone and every other actually legitimate business model (finance is not a legitimate business model). We can fight for another 5000 years about the merits and de-merits of capitalism versus socialism. It’s the biggest “intellectual hobby horse” out there. The financial powers that be foment that conflict of course, but sniff at it if they give it a thought at all because they know that their control of the paradigm of Debt Only is where the power actually is.

Steve Keen says the problem with neo-liberal economics is they don’t factor in money, debts and banks. He’s right. So why doesn’t he see that these three aspects of the economy focus us perfectly toward the real problem? Because he’s still operating on the theoretical level instead of graduating to the philosophical and paradigmatic integrative levels of knowledge/insight.

You can ask a zillion questions about economic details, but all you really have to do is ask: Does money as Debt/Burden Only integrate seamlessly into the economy? Answer: Yes. So why wouldn’t money as direct and reciprocal gifting not do the same thing??? Just find the best way to do that and you’ll actually change economics far, far more…than going on and on about capitalism versus socialism. Integrate them, and let’s talk about the synthesis/thirdness greater oneness of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Distributism.


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