MMT and Theoretics vs Philosophy and Paradigm Perception

Me:   I’ve been reading Bill Mitchell’s blog for years now, and while I like his and MMT’s primary thrust toward more monetary abundance Mitchell is the most orthodox progressive advocate of MMT.

Orthodoxy is the death of wisdom. The very process of wisdom is the continual and thorough integration of only the truths in opposite perspectives and so is the resolution of orthodoxy.

MMT is a theory and because theoretics are below both philosophy and paradigm perception on an epistemological scale it falls easily into obsessive and unnecessary contention. Mitchell’s alleged de-bunking of UBI (the better term is universal dividend) is an excellent example of such errant contentiousness. Mitchell also is largely unaware of the paradigm changing retail discount/rebate policy, except where I have suggested it on his blog, and by all appearances it has gotten lost in the complexities of his theoretics. The pungently insightful simplicity of paradigm perception is what is needed much more than the figure, figure, figure of mere theoretical complexities.

I’m progressive, not only from a theoretical, but from a philosophical and paradigmatic perspective.


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