The “Invisible Hand” of Government Spending

First of all I completely agree that we need to inject more money into the economy. However, other than accurately recognizing the mechanics of fiat money systems MMT is really just the “Invisible Hand” of government spending. It’s just the flip side of DSGE and Adam Smith’s capitalism. It doesn’t recognize the difference between “freedom” and free flowingness. It never recognizes that in the temporal universe there is only freedom amongst known and accepted barriers. MMT like capitalism wants freedom without adequately accounting for unethical behavior by commercial actors and so it become the flip side of market worshipers with its “automatic stabilizers”. With free flowingness the system is so beneficial to everyone that they tend to accept “the beatific chains of ethics” and abide by its tenets, and it also has the breakthrough policy of a 50% discount/rebate at retail sale that empirically transforms scarcity of individual and systemic income/business revenue into abundance of both in a way that also totally and empirically eliminates the possibility of inflation….instead of relying on the “invisible hand: of “automatic stabilizers”. 

It’s a new and better model that truly benefits all agents.


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