Obsessive Exporting, and Its Ending

Excessive exporting by domestic enterprise can be discouraged by taxation, and encouraged by tax credits.

With the inversion/transformation aspect of paradigm changes taking effect via the new paradigm virtue (excessive exporting) becomes vice and vice (pouring more money into the economy) becomes virtue. Once the rest of the world sees how prosperous for all agents the new paradigm makes an advanced economy the more they will implement its policies, and export platform nations will not be necessary and neither will their export platform attempts to dominate be tolerated. Hence those economies benefiting from the new paradigm will probably either strategically limit imports or place tarrifs on the offending exports/exporters that are not currently being domestically created.

In other words trade will still take place, but export platformism will be recognized as the vice it is by a more robustly prosperous and stable new paradigm economy. Also, a new paradigm economy would undoubtedly be able to export at a better price than those who have not implemented it, and in order to be both competitive with the price of exports and also to keep their domestic population happy….they will undoubtedly have a lot of incentive….to implement the new paradigm themselves.

Oddly enough the place where the positive effects of the new paradigm could most benefit is probably the EU which is a regional multi-national system analogous in that sense to the world economy. Yes it has export platform nations like Germany and near non-exporting nations (except for immigation as an export) like Greece, but the benefits of the universal dividend and discount/rebate policies will stabilize the monetary scarcity of every nation’s populace and hopefully soften the attitude of the Germans toward exporting dominance and enable re-industrialization of places like Greece.

The whole point is the greatly increased prosperity created by the new paradigm and its policies will be hard to resist copying, and in copying it, the logic and realities of its problem resolving transformation will become apparent….to all.


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