The Problem Is We Don’t Have A Way To Integrate The Insights of Both The Micro and Macro Economy…

until now with my Wisdomics-Gracenomics.

It’s true that individuals and enterprise cannot borrow their way out of debt, and its also true that if you don’t have fiscal deficits that the economy will go into recession because people and enterprise save, re-invest savings, depreciation costs in technologically advanced fixed capital economies necessitate relatively large additions to prices and wealthy individuals and enterprises often move large amounts of their savings into off shore tax havens….and all of these reduce the flow of money circulating through the economy trying to liquidate prices in order to keep the economy in a flowing equilibrium.

So what is the solution? It’s tying a direct and reciprocal price and monetary policy in the form of a high percentage discount to the consumer that is fully rebated back to the enterprise giving the discount at the point of retail sale. This creates an abundant flow of individual income/potential business revenue to the terminal expression point for all forms of inflation and the terminal ending point of the entire economic process,which again, is the point of retail sale. That way you end individual income scarcity and systemic monetary austerity and slay the chronic problem of modern economies, inflation, at the same time.

Economists are extremely intelligent, but largely being off in abstract mathematical and theoretical focus they have missed the economic significances to be found at the aggregative point of the micro economy and the single integrative point between the otherwise separate disciplines of micro and macro-economics.


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