Nice Enlightening Exchange 02/10/2019

Me:  rddulin,

“Money creation and calibration has ancient roots of being controlled by people with the political power to do so. Old paradigm.”

“Dave has a great idea but follow it to it’s logical end and just give everyone of legal age free dollars to calibrate the money system.
New paradigm.”

Now you’re talkin’. And then just slide in the never recognized fact by anyone except myself that retail sale is the terminal end of the entire legitimate economic/productive process for every consumer item from bubble gum to a house, which by definition then makes it the terminal expression point for any and all forms of inflation….and then implement a direct monetary policy of a 50% discount to consumers at that point that is fully rebated back to the enterprise giving the discount….and voila! You’ve resolved the two biggest and most thorny problems of modern economies, namely scarcity of individual income/business revenue and chronic inflation….in one fell swoop.

Complete inversion/transformation of present realities. The classic signature of a paradigm change.

rddulin:  Craig, I think we are all closer than anyone thinks. I just don’t understand the necessity of the discount and rebate step. Just give the slaves their freedom in their own right and every person the money that is rightfully theirs. Restore the right to quantify and exchange things of value with their own working money. Just like they all measure with rulers
No reason to apologize to the lenders that have usurped the right to use money with their sneaky schemes or to the slave traders that capture people and declare they own them
It would definitely be a inversion/transformation of long standing realities. Douglas being an engineer would understand.

Me:   Yes, we’re close. However, consider this: the discount/rebate policy all by itself breaks up the monopolistic dominance of private finance’s paradigm of Debt ONLY as the sole form and vehicle for the distribution of credit/money. It’s a simple operation without being simplistic…like the operation of every historical paradigm change has been like INVERTING the position of the earth and the sun and in so doing TRANSFORMING our understanding of the universe, using a machine to ABUNDANTLY produce instead of one’s hands, demanding the FREEDOM to have a DIRECT AND RECIPROCAL relationship with god instead of having to slavishly do the sacraments through the monopoly state religion and IN CONCEPTUAL OPPOSITION staying in place and producing greater ABUNDANCE instead of wandering nomadically to find game and the low hanging fruit.

If you will notice, every one of the capitalized words above are both signatures of historical paradigm changes and also aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace. Furthermore, they are all signatures and effects produced by the 50% discount/rebate policy at retail sale. And finally, it shows that the natural philosophical concept of grace is not only the singularly defining new paradigm concept behind the monetary, financial and economic systems….but THE concept behind EVERY historical paradigm change.

It’s about time we awakened to these “somewhat” significant facts.

rddulin:  Why not just send money equally to everyone when the economy needs it as it grows? What is simpler than that?

Me:  That’s simple alright, but it doesn’t deal effectively and terminatedly with the chronic problem of inflation like the discount/rebate at the point of retail sale does. And combined with the universal dividend policy it also doesn’t enable us to eliminate the transfer taxes for welfare, unemployment insurance and social security that every working individual and every enterprise pays now. You see, changing an old paradigm like the one I’m advocating often has “knock on” positive effects in other systems. In this instance it would integrate the normally opposed political constituencies of the individual and the business community because they’d both benefit greatly from such monetary policies.

Integration is the very process wisdom. Hence integrate, and keep on integrating. You literally can’t go wrong by doing so.


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