Grace: Active Consciousness of the Nowness and Newness of Every Moment

Grace is the state of being consciously aware of the nowness and newness of every moment. Every moment the temporal universe projects a gracious outflow toward our beingness of a multitude of electro-magnetic and physical experiences. Without becoming aware of the aspects of nowness and newness of grace one can become either habituated to clock time, jaded and/or hypnotized into apathy by the continuousness of the flow toward oneself.

The fact of this continuous inflow toward oneself is the reason why closing the eyes is an effective way to stop much of that inflow and to become aware of one’s own beingness. It is also why action, which is our beingness’s optimal process of reaching and withdrawing our consciousness from one thing to another in the temporal universe, is so good and beneficial for us because it tends to maintain our attention/consciousness and breaks up the flow of time into potentially conscious moments of awareness of nowness and newness….of each present and passing moment.


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