Posted To An Old Friend on Facebook

Me:  What if there is a way to integrate the best aspects of the economic and political agendas of both parties? A way to eliminate re-distributive taxation and yet fully fund government to do the things it so badly needs to do like updating our infrastructure and providing a world class defense. A way to more than double everyone’s potential purchasing power which would also mean more than doubling the free and available business revenue for every enterprise’s products and services? And a way to not only prevent inflation, but that painlessly and beneficially integrated price deflation into profit making systems? And what if there was a way to change the truly insane idea that ecological research, innovation and its implementation was “too expensive” and instead enabled such massive projects to proceed with post haste?

BF:  Sounds like you have some idea, plan, or theory in mind here? What is it, Steve? – in terms that even the shortest attention span and/or dimmest bulb in Washington DC, Iowa, or Nebraska can understand?

Me: Well you guessed it Bob, except its even bigger and simpler than a theory. It’s a paradigm change in finance, the money system and economics which indeed is why it is a paradigm change…because the primary operation of historical paradigm changes have always been simple and yet transformative….at the same time. What was the basic operation of the Copernican Helio-centric paradigm change? Nothing more than the inversion of the positions of the earth and the sun, and yet nothing less than a temporal universe scientific and cosmological breakthrough and a transformation of the world’s mind regarding our place in the cosmos. And with a single innovative monetary policy executed at a strategically significant point in the entire economic/productive process that also reflects and effects the inversion/transformation signature present in all paradigm changes (and that all of the exquisitely erudite cutting edge economists I’ve studied since the “Great Financial Crisis” have overlooked because they’re all too caught up in abstraction and the complexities and orthodoxies of the OLD paradigm) changes the erosive inflationary realities of modern technologically advanced economies into not only painless, but benefical price deflation. Now I know this was a mouth full and the last statement about deflation being benefical probably appeared an absurdity, but absurdity has also always been the first reaction to paradigm changes as well, and again, the single policy that I’ve innovated IS basically a simple operation. At any rate I’m probably about a week away from publishing my mercifully short book “Wisdomics-Gracenomics: The New Paradigm Theory of Economics and The Money System” and an even shorter additional book of rebuttals to oft expressed objections to the theory/paradigm change will follow in very short order. I’ll post on facebook and youtube when it happens.


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