Of Paradigms, Ethics, Zeithgeists and Grace

There are personal paradigms and systemic/temporal universe ones that we also mostly unconsciously operate on and within. Thinking paradigmatically is thinking integratively which is also the very process of wisdom and of also garnering it. I have posted an ascending scale of integrative thinking here before where paradigm perception is second from the top, ethic/zeitgeist being the top of the scale because an ethic on the personal level is a self chosen postulate about the goodness and/or reality about oneself and/or the temporal universe, and when applied on the species level…becomes a zeitgeist/ethic of the age.

The ethic/zeitgeist of the current age is power. The new ethic/zeitgeist is grace (which is inclusive of power and is simply power redeemed by graciousness)) or any of the other words for the peak experiences and ultimate concepts for the temporal universe of the world’s major wisdom traditions. And the realization that no matter how energetically at the quantum level everything is to the temporal level which appears to be fragmented and merely dualistic to the apparently almost frozen and unmoving macro-cosmic level its all in a state of dynamic, interactive, integrative flow as in grace….will help hasten that new ethic/zeitgeist and make it more logically real for everyone to accept and align with, and viz economics and any of man’s other systems….to see its universal applicability. So be it.


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