The Depth of Wisdom and Grace and Paradigm Change

The problem with accounting is the same as with the point of retail sale. That is people are looking only at its surface realities instead of thinking economically and paradigmatically about them. In the case of accounting it misses the fact that when private banking creates a deposit…it is ONLY as a debt and because even at 0% interest if debt continues to pile up it becomes un-repayable. Combine that with the fact that technologically advanced fixed capital intensive economies are inherently cost inflationary in the first place…and you’ve got a financially unstable system at its base, i.e. the paradigm of Debt ONLY.

Now as to the point of retail sale, the surface reality is that it is where production becomes consumption. However, if one understands the deeper economic significances of this fact like that it is the terminal expression point for any and all forms of inflation (it must be because its a terminal ending point, right?) Thus a high percentage discount to the consumer at that point BOTH inverts the economy’s inherent cost inflationary nature into beneficial price deflationary AND creates and integrates a new paradigm of Monetary Gifting into the debt based system. Oh yes, as an aside it doubles everyone’s potential purchasing power and busnesses’ potential business revenue. Nice, huh?

Paradigms are about both essence and pattern. In this sense they are perfectly analogous to beingness which is so ever present and yet so subtle an essence that most people fail to perceive it itself….while they are looking at the pattern of whatever is in front of them in the temporal universe or what they are thinking about at any given moment in time. Not perceiving essence/paradigms also shows how easy it is to be extremely erudite about details and shallow about deeper meanings and their patterns…at the same time.

Wisdom is always the deeper look, the deeper understanding, and as grace is the pinnacle concept and understanding of wisdom grace applied as policy to the economic system via the money system resolves the thorniest problems of the economy….as every paradigm change has always historically done.


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