Grace As In Unifying Oneness: The Missing Personal Experience and Systemic Concept

Grace has always been described as an overwhelmingly powerful and yet caring direct experience that can literally knock one flat and at the same time open one’s eyes to the deeper truth….about the unifying experience of one’s own consciousness and/or a temporal reality.

We are missing this experience today.

What? Am I suggesting we all bend our knees to a particular religious set of beliefs? No! I’m pointing at a powerfully direct, deepening and unifying personal experience and imminently applicable concept and insight regarding the particular situation/system we are living in….that is actual, available and desperately needed. 

The world’s major religions aren’t referred to as wisdom traditions for no reason. It’s because there is wisdom in the contemplation of them.  

Directness, depth of experience, real world applicability and unification are all aspects of grace. Grace is the pinnacle direct and unifying concept and experience of the mentally integrative process of wisdom. Contemplate the aspects of grace and you’ll have self actualized the pinnacle experience of wisdom.

Do yourself a favor. Start contemplating the aspects of grace today.


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