Reply To A Social Crediter

Thanks for replying Andrew.  I can understand caution, but the fact remains social credit has gone absolutely no where since WW II started and distracted everyone, Keynes became the fall back position of finance to it and Douglas and social credit got virtually erased from history.

Social credit needs at least a shocking re-introduction and preferably a re-working from the best mere economic theory of the last 90 years into the paradighm change its basic policies could accomplish. I prefer the $1000/mo dividend and 50% discount/rebate policy for that reason alone, but again I’m not one to quibble over numbers. You could also have a $1600/mo. dividend a 25%  discount rebate at retail sale for most everyday consumer items and a 50% discount/rebate on big ticket items like houses and cars. The point is to vastly decrease personal/private indebtedness and completely eliminate price and asset inflation which breaks up finance’s paradigm of Debt Only for the sole form and vehicle for the creation and distribution of money/credit.
I know this will bring howls from orthodox social crediters, but IMO private banking will never ever be anything but an unethical and disruptive force and so must be replaced by a publicly administered national banking system and a central bank aligned with the philosophical concept of grace which social credit is based on. It’s simply applying Occam’s Razor to the financial system. Private and public finance are potentially corruptible, but one entity stripped of its profit motive and strictly regulated and aligned with grace as in monetary gifting would be a whole lot easier to handle than a bunch of rogue trillionaires. That and it could also really supercharge the effects of a monthly dividend and a retail discount/rebate policy. How? By extending the retail discount/rebate policy to the point of note signing. In other words a $300k house discounted 50% at point of retail sale by the monetary authority to $150k and then a $150k note at 0% is disbursed to the home building corporation to make them whole on their margins and overheads…and then the public national bank which does not need to make a profit discounts the note 50% to $75k. On a 10 year note thats a $625/mo. payment. 10 years and you’re an actual owner of your home instead of a renter of the Banks for 30 years. Just how attractive might that be to every voter except the CEO and Board menbers of the banks???

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