The Point of Retail Sale….

The Point of Retail Sale is the single integrative point of the micro and macro-economy. If you doubt this consider that retail sale is the terminal aggregative point for all costs and so prices for every consumer item and service produced in the micro-economy. Yes, there are other business models other than retail, but their costs including profit are already factored into final retail sale because it (retail sale) is the terminal end of the entire legitimate economic process and the cost accounting convention that all costs must go into price is, necessarily and correctly, applied. If anyone doubts that retail sale is the terminal end of the legitimate economic process just ask yourself when was the last time you bought $100 worth of groceries and when you got home the grocery store called you and said: “Sorry, we have to have another $50 for those grocies.” Never. Because consumption is the ending point of production…and that is what occurs at retail sale.


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