Blindness of Old Paradigm Habituation and New Book Idea

There is no better illustration of the hypnotic and blinding effects of an old/current paradigm than the fact that the best heterodox economists on the planet suggest policies and make observations that reflect and align with the new paradigm of Monetary Grace as in Gifting….and yet they cannot see that new paradigm concept or complete the crafting of policy to unequivocably make it the temporal universe reality.


I think I’m going to write and illustrate The Little Picture Book of Paradigm Changes to show both how simple the essence and actions of all paradigms have been and how blinded those who didn’t see it when it was right there in front of them have always looked to paradigm perceivers.

Create humerous cartoon situations and scenarios about how simple the inversion aspect of paradigm change for H & G to Ag, Gutenberg Press, Reformation, Copernican Cosmological and Monetary Gifting actually are.

(show economists blinfolded saying UBI, modern debt jubilee, job guarantee, government deficits, financial parasitism, public banks and yet missing bright neon lights spelling out Monetary Gifting and the high percentage discount/rebate policy)

(show doctrinaire libertarian saying he won’t accept his dividend, wife hitting him over the head with a rolling pin, him dizzily saying “maybe it might not be a bad idea” with lump on head)

(Also show CEO getting kicked out becuse he objected to discount/rebate and dividend policies) (Also politician getting literally kicked in the ass by students, women, workers and businessmen after opposing the D/R & D)

(Also bankers and any businesses who cheat on the system getting taxed and thrown out of business by the people/government)

(fat assed bankers isolated trying to keep their monopoly control of money as debt with multitudes revolting against them)

(religionist saying gifting is bad with grace is a gift from God picture behind him)

(politicians spouting gifting will make you lazy in senate/House and then with their feet up on their desks accepting big bucks from the bankers)

(bankers planning war in order to stop the new paradigm)


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