Posted To RWER Blog RegardingThe Problem With Science 12/30/2018

The real problem with science is its incompleteness. Its unwillingness, at this advanced stage of its technological expertise and advancement and yet unfortunate unwillingness and/or habituated inability….to integrate the existential reality of consciousness ITSELF into its method. Of course that would make it wisdom. The zen aphorism of “Wherever YOU go, there YOU…ARE…comes to mind.

Doing that in the study of economics would probably be enough of a present time meditative switch away from mere and only mathematical and theoretical abstraction, that economists might perceive the general significance of retail sale being the triple power point of the entire legitimate economic/productive process. And then be able to craft a set of policies and regulations around that insight that would implement a new paradigm.


The temporal universe flows freely and the economy is inextricably embedded within the temporal universe. If it does not flow freely, then it has elements that prevent it from being so. We have a monetary economy and money is the most salient and significant factor in it. The temporal universe being in such free flowing state/process it abhors a statistical equilibrium. All heterodox economists recognize that there is a scarcity of individual aggregate demand and they recommend and offer policies they think will remedy that scarcity. The problem is these policies are either one off (“a modern debt jubilee”) and/or think only filling the statistical gap between total costs and so prices and total individual aggregate demand is adequate policy. These balancing policy ideas, even if it is with additional monetary input, still have the stench of DSGE hanging around it.

The free flowingness solution of course is CONTINUOUSLY filling the monetary gap to ABUNDANT overflowing with a high percentage discount/rebate policy tied to the terminal expression point of inflation and the terminal ending point of the entire economy, i.e. retail sale.


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