The Definition and Aspects of Grace

Definition: love in action/expression/policy,

Aspects: joy, humor, release, entusiasm, friendliness, love, beauty, Goodness-the Good,  meaning and purpose, knowingness-consciousness itself, an integrated duality within an integrative trinity-unity-oneness-process, the pinnacle concept and experience of wisdom, integration of truths only which is the very process and means of garnering wisdom itself, the integration of opposites, giving-gifting, simultaneity, bothness and bothness-andness, freedom, letting go-ness-non-graspingness, non-orthodoxy, flow-freeflowingness, dynamic balance, equilibrium and flow, the rational consideration of morals and ethicalness itself, an exact and actual solution to an actual problem, dynamic reciprocality-exchange, sovereignty-power plus ethics, space, time and self awareness, directness, nowness, newness,  interpenetrativeness, Encompassment-Concentric-ism, Interpentrative-ness-Conentric-ism, pervasion, wholeness, completeness, unmistakable and permanent progress,


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