Usable Exchange on RWER Blog 12/24/2018

Me:  Wisdom has always been associated with the third alternative. The Heglian dialectic of thesis, antithesis and synthesis is an example of such in the logical process. Data gathering, theoretics and philosophy are another. Looking/not knowing, combining/integrating and seeing/knowing is the analogous mental process as is science, philosophy and paradigm perception on an epistemological ascending scale. The third alternative to the elitist theories of finance capitalism and democratic socialism is the new monetary, financial and economic paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Distributism.

KZ:  Craig, I strongly disagree with your characterization of democratic socialism. I can find no historical data to support it!

Me:  The problem is not the intentions of democratic socialism which are basically fine and good, and which I consequently do not have a problem with. It’s problem is its methods and, like capitalism, its resulting unworkability, incompleteness and non-resolution of the more relevant underlying problem that both ideologies miss, namely the current monetary, financial and economic paradigm of Debt/Burden/Additional Cost ONLY.

Both capitalism and socialism are like Ptolemaic cosmology before the invention of the telescope and the discovery of the ellipse. When economists recognize the telescope/triple power point of retail sale and the ellipse/monetary policies that define and effect the new paradigm, then Ptolemaic economics and the obsessive contention between capitalism and democratic socialism will be transformed into the thirdness greater oneness of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Distributism.

KZ:  Craig, I suggest you read, “Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians Got It Right-and How We Can, Too.” “World Inequality Report 2018,” from the World Inequality Lab. The details in the book show that Scandinavian “democratic socialist” nations are economically the most productive and egalitarian, socially the most democratic, and spiritually the happiest in the world. This is tangible benefits from nations that have chosen democratic socialism. I don’t see any similar data on the results from the alternative you offer.

Me:  Ken, I have stated here before that I do not dispute the fact that democratic socialism is a more humane economics than finance capitalism. I’ve also stated that settling for palliative economic theorizing when a paradigm change is available…is actually an unethical act/sin of omission.

As for data regarding the policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics here are some facts regarding them:

A 50% discount/rebate monetary policy implemented at the terminal ending point of the entire economic/legitimately productive process at retail sale BY DEFINITION OF THE FACT THAT IT IS SUCH AN ENDING POINT for every consumer item or service, immediately doubles every individual’s potential purchasing power. It will also by definition double potential business revenue for every enterprise. One of the signatures of paradigm change is universality of benefit in the body of knowledge/area of human endeavor in which the paradigm occurs.

Economists must do the math and consult the history of paradigm change.

As garden variety “monetary” inflation cannot and will not exceed a relatively low single digit percentage due to business model competition and other factors a high percentage discount/rebate monetary policy will “miraculously” integrate painless and beneficial price deflation into profit making systems. The two primary historical signatures of paradigm change are conceptual opposition and reality inversion/transformation.

Economists must look, and keep on looking until cognition occurs.

A publicly administered national banking system and central bank in a price deflationary economy does not need to make a profit and can be funded directly by the central bank. Thus it can without worry distribute all dividend and discount/rebate monies and loan at 0% interest. Thus note creation and signing can become the new and now legitimate end of the economic/productive process where an additional 50% discount will make a $200k house reduced 50% at retail sale and another 50% at note signing then cost $50k and with a 10 year note at 0% will be a monthly payment of $416.67. That will place home and other “big ticket” asset and financial inflation in the dust bin of history.

Economists must use their imaginations more, consider that ethics is an integral part of every human and systemic interaction and that systems were made for Man, not Man for systems.

There are many more benefits with the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting.

KZ:  Craig, I believe I understand your theories. What I need to see is the results of practical applications of those theories. Particularly specific results in specific situations. For example, this is from “Viking Economics” about how Sweden dealt with the financial crisis of 2007-2008. “From this experience, some Swedish economists conclude that a high level of ongoing, thoughtful governmental intervention in the economy works better than occasional large spurts of stimulus. The result: by 2011, The Washington Post was calling Sweden the ‘rock star of the recovery’ with a growth rate twice that of the United States, much less unemployment, and a strong currency.” The same conclusions apply to Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Iceland, and to a large extent Germany. I recognize that these nations are still to a large extent dependent on economic growth. But at the same time these nations have the best environmental record in Europe and are actively working to end the use of fossil fuels.

Me: Ken, As asset inflation and the cost of other “big ticket items” are one of the stickiest problems identified by Steve Keen that tend to destabilize modern economies you can observe the example of how that is resolved in my last post where the new terminal ending point of the legitimate economic/productive process becomes the point of note signing. You can also simply compute that the discount/rebate policy makes a $1000/mo. universal dividend able to purchase $2000/mo. of goods and services….for one’s entire adult life span, and not coincidentally and in addition will enable you to purchase $80,000 worth of goods and services with a job making $40,000/yr. and combined with the dividend that becomes $104,000/yr. The elimination of transfer taxation. The end of idiotic and insulting partisan debate about budgeting, money and economics. The current system is financially unstable, and the business cycle is basically an enforced downward sloping and deteriorating sine curve. The new paradigm’s curve is that of orbital insertion and free fall/free flowingness where economic cycles become so stabilized that they become like mere atmospheric perturbations of satellites whose orbits last for thousands of years.

Neither socialism nor capitalism deals effectively and terminatedly with the current financial paradigm. Wisdomics-Gracenomics does.

Paradigm changes permanently transform and progress realities. Reforms merely nudge them for a time and then are nudged or kicked back like Keynesianism became neo-liberalism.

KZ:  Craig. Same response. Need some practical historical examples.

Me:  Well, I was always told that temporal universe empirical policy effects WERE reality for most of us and so did not require further proof, at least those of us who valued science, and I’m sure that includes you. Also, and especially when we’re talking about a monetary and financial paradigm change in economics which HASN’T changed for the entire history of human civilization, it makes demands for historical examples at least somewhat of a straw man, but let’s try another tack.

What is the history of paradigm changes themselves? What are their signatures? What is the concept behind every paradigm change? And do the policies and regulations of Wisdomics-Gracenomics align with that history, their signatures, the philosophical concept behind all of them and finally, back in present time….also just so happens to align with, accomplish and complete the researches, theories and non-paradigm changing policies of the current leading heterodox economists?

Per Kuhn paradigm changes occur after a process of anomalies make present theories suspect and/or unworkable. That also very accurately describes the present situation in economics, and various heterodox economists talk paradigm change but they don’t seem to recognize and understand the description/definition of a paradigm change itself which is:

a single concept that workability-wise seamlessly fits within the vast majority of the current structures in the area of human endeavor that the paradigm change takes place in, and yet simultaneously transforms he character of and greatly improves the area as well.

Thus economists revert back to simply tweaking or reforming the systems instead.

The “trick” to paradigm perception is in deciphering that single validly working concept, and the almost entirely missed means of doing that is consciously/willfully training oneself to perceive and integrate the particles of truths in opposites. This integrative state of mind IS the very process of wisdom and the means of garnering it as well. It is also the very necessary mental stance of non-orthodoxy/non-mental grasping and holding onto known as gestalt/embrace of process/flow that becomes a bulwark against falling into orthodoxy which is the death knell of paradigm perception and the ability to experience actual knowingness as opposed to merely researching, computing data, abstraction/theorizing and even philosophy. Asking oneself what the pinnacle concept of wisdom is brings one to grace (or any of the other words the world’s major wisdom traditions hang on it). The natural philosophical concept and experience of grace is simultaneously and exquisitely an integrative perspective on cutting edge scientific research, especially in quantum theory and long existing spiritual/experiential traditions. It is the second highest mental integration one can have (the highest personal and temporal integration is zeitgeist and/or what I refer to as “embracing the beatific chains of ethics.” Of course this is also the reason I call my paradigm changing theory Wisdomics-Gracenomics.

A plain language study of the signatures (not just the general temporal/scientific process) of imminent and accomplished paradigm change is probably one of the most urgently needed scholarly works. It actually already exists in the world’s wisdom traditions, but it generally takes both an integrative and scientific mindset to successfully navigate. Here are some of the primary signatures of historical paradigm changes and the ways they were applied in them:

Paradigm Change: Hunting and Gathering to Agriculture with the signatures of a new insight/cognition or re-discovery of same within the body of knowledge/area of human endeavor in the area of the paradigm change and permanent progress and increased abundance via universality of benefit.

Also, Hunting and Gathering/Nomadism and Tribalism to Civilization/Homesteading and Cultural Integration via wisdom, the latter of which is still underway. And the signatures are conceptual opposition/integration of opposites, i.e. wisdom

Paradigm Change: Ptolemaic to Copernican Cosmological Paradigm Change. The signatures are inversion/transformation of old paradigm realities and orthodoxies, invention of the new tool of the telescope and the new discovery of the ellipse.

Paradigm Change: Protestant Reformation. The signatures are directness of knowledge-experience, relationship and policy effect and the end of an old paradigm major structural entity and its mental dominance and primacy.

Paradigm Change: Guttenberg Press. The signatures are new invention, technological innovation and progress, increased abundance and end of an old paradigm major structural entity and its mental dominance and primacy.

Paradigm Change: Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting. The signatures are conceptual opposition (Debt/Cost/Burden Only versus Monetary Gifting), integration of opposites to the point of thirdness greater oneness, (capitalism and socialism to Monetary Distributism), inversion/transformation of old paradigm realities and orthodoxies, (scarcity and austerity to increased abundance) directness of knowledge-experience, relationship and policy effect (the discount/rebate policy), the end of an old paradigm major structural entity and its mental dominance and primacy, private banking and finance’s monopolistic paradigm of Debt/Cost/Burden Only) and re-discovery of old insight/cognition within the body of knowledge/area of human endeavor in the area of the paradigm change (re-discovery of relevance of accounting, its subset of cost accounting and of the triple economic, monetary and financial power point of retail sale)

And as I have pointed out here numerous times the need and desire for government deficits, UBI/universal dividend, QE for the people, modern debt jubilees and anti-austerity/monetary system disequilibrium theory ALL REFLECT AND ALIGN WITH Monetary Gifting.

The final insight is that each of the signatures is an expressed aspect of the natural philosophical concept of grace which again, aligns with grace as in Monetary Gifting, and also logically shows it to be the key concept behind EVERY historical paradigm change.


KZ:  There’s never going to be a “fair” sharing of the money pie between elites and non-elites without specific changes in American culture. This sharing is based not on economic theories, of any sort but a rather simple factor – who controls the keys to the banks. That control rests with economic, political, and military elites. To maintain peace within these elite groups, money is distributed in ways that favor members of one or all these elites. The two main problems with these distributions is hiding what is happening and defending it, in the name of science if possible. The banks take care of the first, while economists take care of the second.

Me:  Excellent analysis. All it needs is a mass socio-economic and political movement created by taking REAL change DIRECTLY to the populace.

At least the last two elections have resulted in the non-financial and economic change it turns out you couldn’t believe in of Obama and the re-enforced neo-liberalism and negative change of chaos and disintegration of Trump.

The democratic party needs to play out to the long suffering masses the obvious benefits of more than doubling their present purchasing power with the dividend and discount policies and the equally obvious benefits of more than doubling the currently available individual income as potential business revenue to the small to medium sized business community. It’s elegantly economically simple and effective, and integrative of huge traditionally opposed political constituencies that could create a new social contract and make them the dominant party probably for decades if not longer. And if they’re too stupidly orthodox or timid to pick it up and score six touchdowns with it….I’m sure the republicans will recognize its power and give us some bastardized version that takes the stake out of the heart of the current monetary and financial paradigm and allows it to rise again. We definitely need to wake TFU.




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