New Dividend, Discount/Rebate and National/Central Banking System Scenarios

A $100,000 debt jubilee for all student and private individual debts.

$1500/mo. universal dividend at age 18 for life.

25% discount/rebate on all everyday consumer items and a 50% discount/rebate at both retail sale and at note signing for homes/mortgages,  furnishings, solar power systems and high MPG/electric autos.

Students would have $23,994/yr. of purchasing power ($1500/mo + 25% discount x 12) and so they could attend all but the most expensive colleges, be able to pay for tuition as they attended and not become saddled by huge debts upon graduation. With some slight employment while attending they could have a more than comfortable lifestyle while attending as well.

With the universal dividend starting at the age of 18 and a 25% discount/rebate policy for everyday consumer items and services every adult will be guaranteed $23,994/yr. and so $47,988/yr. ($23,994 x 2) for a two adult houshold. For 2 adults with 2-$25,000/yr jobs that is another $66,650/yr. ($50,000 +25% discount) or a total of $114,638/yr of potential purchasing power. Enterprise will benefit by individual demand more than doubling, hence potential business revenue rising by potentially the same. As the discount is at the terminal ending point of the entire economic/legitimate productive process no inflation can occur and price deflation is painlessly and beneficially integrated into profit making systems. That is most definitely a paradigm change.

Publicly administered Central and National Banking system that creates and distributes loans and all dividend and discount/rebate policy gifted monies at 0% interest.

Elimination of all transfer taxes by individuals and businesses for welfare, unemployment insurance and social security. Income tax rate reduction to 10% with little or no deductions for both individuals and businesses.

Direct funding of government at federal level by the central bank and eventually at state and local levels as well. Taxes will help fund research into technological innovations for more production with less resources, pollution and green house gas reduction, medical-pharmaceutical research.

Medical and other forms of insurance will fully participate in discount/rebate policy and adjust concommitant actuarial profit considerations and premiums. A medicare option will be available as well.

Tax incentives for not raising prices or reducing prices in only non-monopoly ways will be implemented, and severe tax punishments for accounting fraud or gaming of the new paradigm system in any way including, rapidly, to loss of discount/rebate participation privileges.

In return for the more than doubling of available individual income and hence business revenue with the dividend and discount policies all enterpises will submit to a rigorous monthly accounting analysis of their  books. Decreased costs can legitimately be made business savings, but arbitrary price increases without bona vide economic cost increases will not be tolerated.

The central bank will look ascance at any large leveraging up for any speculative purposes, and any attempts to short the currency from domestic or foreign sources will immediately be considered null and void.

Speculators in commodities markets will also not be allowed excessively large leveraging, and if they do not abide by all regulations new commodity markets will be created that will so abide.

This is the immediate end of poverty, individual income scarcity, systemic austerity and an increasingly halting economy as artificial intelligence continues to reduce work for pay. The dividend can eventually be raised even further as employment perhaps continues to erode.

A cooperative effort by the helping professions, the clergy and the government with public service announcements like the ones used to reduce smoking should be undertaken to help positively and constructively acculturate the general populace to leisure, to find other purposes in addition to employment and to build stronger communities throughout the land.

A program like the Civilian Conservation Corps but for programs for artistic and craft expression and also for study of the non-sectarian natural philosophical concept of grace and its aspects in all areas of life could help the populace fully understand the concept behind even the new monetary, economic and financial paradigm. It is time for humanity to leave its lingering adolescence and to mature into its true species designation of homo sapiens sapiens, i.e. wise and discerning man.

All research and programs for creating an ecologically sane economy will be completely and undeniably possible with the new banking and financial systems. Systems were made for man, not Man for systems and the planet was made for all to live, mature and thrive in.


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