Different Scenario For Dividend and Discount/Rebate

25% discount/rebate for everyday consumer items and services (making the $1500/mo dividend capable of purchasing approximately $2000/mo) + whatever may be determined to be the monthly inflation rate despite new policy cost savings, tax incentives and discouragements. Also, non-retail businesses may utilize discount in its retail consumer purchases but should pass on those cost savings in its final products…unless of course it doesn’t mind losing market share due to price competition.

$1500/mo. universal dividend with 25% discount/rebate policy = $48,000/yr guarantee for a two adult household. Therefore two adult household income with dividend and two $25,000/yr jobs = $66,650 + $48,000 = $114,650 potential purchasing power/yr.

50% discount/rebate at both retail sale and at note signing for homes, autos, furniture, green related purchases etc.

Private money creation ends, non-profit 0% interest national banking system and central monetary authority begin

Same taxation and regulation policies as before

Create Department of Innovation and Competition


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