Post About Sustainability 12/08/2018

Me:  It may appear to be ecologically paradoxical to call for doubling individual incomes and business revenue with the policies I advocate, but continuing to allow private finance’s austerity enforcing paradigm to prevent even the best researches and innovations to be “too expensive” is a complete non-starter. Start with the new paradigm so we can finance truly large researches, technologically innovations and psychologically creative and positive things. Economists and policy makers need to get more imaginative and innovative. Give individuals and corporations tax and investment options to do with their earnings other then merely double their consumption. I’m a great believer that immersive and virtual technologies can soon become a satisfactory substitute for resource heavy temporal experiences thus not having to necessarily increase actual throughput. Compliment this same kind of virtual innovation with life lesson experiences that help people integrate their experiences more positively and so may mature faster and realize that the best things in life are those things that are free and right in one’s present time environment. Then acculturate inward and outward meditative techniques that enable them to experience anew the color red, hear a bird sing and a zillion other experiences they’ve become jaded about since they were 2 years old and everything was wonder and glory. Maybe we don’t have to be stupid and half conscious for the first 70 years of our lives, but rather become wise, fully conscious and discerning man while also cultivating the ability to enjoy science, art, technology and abstraction as the mind becomes capable of it. Less is more, and more is also better.


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