Posted To RWER Blog 11/29/2018

“give a basic income to every living soul”

Or give everyone 18 and older a $1000/mo dividend for their entire adult life and take rational economic and monetary paradigm changing control of the point of retail sale with a 50% discount/rebate policy. Besides the paradigm change all this would do is:

Immediately end poverty

painlessly and beneficially integrate price deflation into profit making systems because retail sale is the terminal end of every consumer products economic process and also the terminal expression point for all forms of inflation as well

enable the elimination of transfer taxes for welfare, unemployment insurance and social security thus simultaneously cutting costs for business and increasing take home pay for individuals

enable large income tax reductions….as MMT has shown us that except for a relatively small percentage to establish the government’s sovereignty in such matters

Better cite me for having said these things for the last 5-6 years….when some economist or pol picks them up.


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