The Difference Between Science and Paradigm Perception/Wisdom

Science is fragmentary analysis.

Paradigm Perception/Wisdom is the ability to see both essence and function, philosophy and policy, it’s looking and seeing, induction and deduction….at the same time. Paradigm Perception/Wisdom is the integrative mindset, process and ethic. It’s the wholeness/spirituality of a subject or situation. It’s both deep simplification and pattern recognition/workability/applicability at the same time. It’s the integration of ethics and pragmatism. It’s the history, present moment and likely possible futures of whatever is under discussion. It’s the best integration of the truths in opposites. It’s the superior human mental discipline. It’s the walking state of cognition known as grace, satori-kensho, samadhi, atonement, the perception of anything via the nothingness with qualities known as consciousness itself.


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