Posted To RWER Blog 11/20/2018 Regarding a New Payment System

While I applaud the determination to finally actually try to implement monetary reforms why utilize a new or alternate payment system that doesn’t actually deal with the monopolistic paradigm of finance for the creation, form and vehicle of monetary distribution?

This effort still needs to be further simplified, more integrally implemented and enabled to have immediate beneficial effects for both individual and commercial agents.

All of this could be accomplished by recognizing the triple power points of retail sale and the fact that the pricing, money and accounting systems all utilize the same equal amounts of debits and credits summing to zero.

Retail sale is:

1) the terminal economic ending point for every consumer item or service including homes/mortgages and other “big ticket items” and so

2) it is the terminal summing point for all costs (including profits and capital and depreciation costs) and so all prices for every item or service

3) it is also the terminal expression point for all forms of inflation for these same items

Hence a 50% discount policy for every item or service at retail sale that was rebated back to the enterprise giving the discount by a monetary authority specifically mandated to do just that would immediately double everyone’s potential purchasing power, double the business revenue available for any enterprise participating in the policy and its rules…and so slay the deepest and most chronic problems of modern economies, namely systemic austerity, individual income scarcity and price/asset inflation.

Money, debt and banks’ monopolistic paradigm of Debt-Burden Only are the problem and Monetary Gifting is the solution.

Simple, elegant and effective….just like every other paradigm change has been.


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