RWER Blog: Symmetries/Dualities and Trinity Unity Oneness Process

Symmetries/Dualities are replete throughout nature and the cosmos, for instance the symmetrical sides of a leaf. The real “trick” as Noether and others knew is finding the thirdness greater oneness entity/concept that is there underlying, integrating and uniting the symmetry…like the stem from which both sides of the leaf emerged or applying the various aspects of the underlying natural philosophical concept of grace in economics that integrate and unite the oppositional duality of the monetary and financial paradigms of Debt/Burden and Monetary Gifting.

Noether’s equation has three aspects to it as does my formula of the Cosmic Code. Comprehending and applying the concept of A Thoroughly Integrated Duality Within an Integrative Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Process which is also a description of the concept of grace is an extremely important insight.


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