Systems Were Made For Man, Not Man For Systems

If you got rid of the illegitimate private financial costs pre-production, its costs within production and its burgeoning costs post retail sale which presently is the only legitmate end of the entire productive process, and implemented the dual abundant policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics, economics would become so much more simplified and elegantly transformed that it would be recognized as a genuine paradigm change because it would benefit all agents and make the system so free flowing that humanity would never look back.

Macro-economics being a relatively young body of knowledge and macro-economists unfortunately having such a short historical and cultural horizon, they have swallowed whole the legitimacy of private finance’s money creating power and its monopolistic paradigm of Debt/Burden Only. The temporal power of the business model of private finance undoubtedly also has something to do with this unfortunate blindness.

Economic theory is basically hypnotized by these facts and only a radical re-assessment of economics will enlighten the discipline, make it an actual science and enable the mass of humanity to awaken and demand that the economic and monetary systems serve them….rather than they having to slavishly serve the systems.


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