Why The High Percentage Discount/Rebate Policy is Simple As In Elegant, But Not Simplistic As In A Mere Fix

1)  It Resolves the two deepest and most chronic problems of modern economies in one fell swoop.

2)  It occurs at the exact time and place that the entire economic process ends, that all costs and prices for every consumer item are terminally summed and where all forms of inflation are terminally expressed.

3)  It doubles everyone’s purchasing power

4)  It doubles the potentially available business revenue for every enterprise.

5)  Together they make all transfer taxes completely redundant and able to be eliminated.

6)  As any possibility of inflation is eliminated and price deflation is painlessly and beneficially integrated into profit making systems the realities of systemic monetary austerity and individual monetary scarcity can immediately be changed to abundance.

7)  As there is no need to tax to attempt (and fail) to eliminate inflation, individual and business taxes can be largely eliminated except as they must establish the sovereign power of the state to do so.


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