The New Socio-Economic Pledge/Contract

Opt-In Pledge

Every enterprise will benefit from these policies by a doubling of available individual income which will mean their sales have the possibility of doubling as well. They also save money via the elimination of transfer taxes and the drastic reduction in business and individual income taxes. They will benefit by the entire system now being much more prosperous and stably free flowing so they can plan much more securely. Finally, they will save a tremendous amount of costs because interest rates for new loans will be 0% or in some cases very minimal. In exchange for all of these benefits they will agree to the following opt-in pledge:

  • We will not inflate our prices at all, and if we have legitimate additional economic costs we will factor only those additional costs into our prices.
  • We will not cut our employees wages.
  • We will agree to a monthly forensic examination of our accounting records.
  • We will faithfully pay the 3-5% rate of taxation required to solidify and assure the authority of the government to implement the benevolent policies of the new paradigm.
  • We will abide by any regulations, taxations, punishments for cheating, trying to game and de-stabilize the economy for everyone despite the fact that it has benefited us greatly.

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