Economic Orthodoxies and Temporal Universe Truths and Effects

Me:  What if there is a point in time and space where all of the mathematical and empirical systemic complexities and at least several attending orthodoxies that seem to hold the economy’s major problems in suspension….can be cut through and set aside with a simple but deeply insightful understanding of the digital nature of the money system, accounting system and the entire economic/productive process….so that a digital set of policies can resolve them and invert economic and monetary realities from austerity and scarcity to abundance???

And what if economists aren’t looking at that point, its significances and the undeniable temporal universe effects of those policies?

In other words what if there is an Occam’s Razor solution that is right under their noses…and virtually every economist and pundit is either missing it by not looking at it or, because it is contrary to certain orthodoxies, reactively invalidating it?

Play out on paper, in your mind or on a clay demo table the IMMEDIATE and ongoing temporal universe monetary and economic effects (and their “knock on” effects in other systems as well) of the dual policies of a $1000/mo universal dividend distributed to everyone 18 and older and a 50% discount/rebate monetary policy at the point of retail sale. Then align any other policies, regulations and realistic necessities given a flawed world….with an aspect of the PHILOSOPHICAL concept behind those policies, grace as in Monetary Gifting….and take a deep breath and enjoy the integrative new paradigm.

KZ:  Craig, what you describe in a failure of human imagination. Not uncommon. And even more so in times of imagination dulled by taking too much as certain and fixed. For humanity certainty is impossible. Best humans can hope for in durability. And even that is difficult to achieve. Read Toynbee’s “A Study of History.”

Me:  Well yes, but it’s more than just a failure of imagination it’s a failure to understand and embrace Wisdom. It’s true that the temporal universe is process and hence uncertainty…which oddly enough makes uncertainty…the only certainty… embracing/fully integrating one’s consciousness with process and the uncertainty of continual change is not only Wisdom it’s a description of the flow state i.e. Wisdom’s pinnacle concept of the state of grace.

But Wisdom/Grace incorporate within them the specificities of science in an integrative way that enables us to acknowledge all realities while transcending any anxiety and need to grasp/unnecessarily conflict with same.

All of the doubt, polarization, increasing contentiousness and disintegration we see looming up around us is a result of moderns either rejecting or forgetting Wisdom and its resolving nature.

We’re stuck in an ever more stressful head butting/pissing contest between thesis and antithesis….and have forgotten the route and thirdness greater oneness purpose of the dialectic….the synthesis that is another definition/aspect of


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