Human Self Awareness: The Gracefully Flowing, Interactive, Integrative and Conscious Point Between The Macro and Microcosym

Consider that the expanse of the macrocosym appears to us here on planet earth to be gracefully slow to the point of being almost fixed and yet existence “out there” in the moment is undoubtedly just as frenetic, dynamic and action filled as it is to us here and now. At the same time we understand our own microcosmic reality to be a frenzy of energetic and continually changing states that a viewpoint from that perspective would interpret our temporal universe as just as gracefully slow to the point of being fixed as ours is of the macrocosym.

Hence we exist at the graceful third integrative point between the micro and macrocosym….with our consciousness being the almost magical but actually natural element able to comprehend ourselves and the entirety of the cosmos….if we contemplate and fully understand the dynamically flowing, interactive, integrative and conscious reality of grace.


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