Kanye and Bannon/Trump Compared

Kanye West’s oval office rant today dramatizes what lack of mental coherence/integration results in, and also shows what even the well read intellectual erudition without the insight of wisdom looks like in people like Steve Bannon and Donald Trump.

Kanye’s rant was an incoherent unintegrated throwing together of problems that was confused and confusing. It was however an aglomeration which is what a paradigm/pattern looks like without the core concept that lends it coherence and elevates and transforms it into an actual new paradigm.

Bannon and Trump’s “fourth turning” beliefs are actually the same thing with a patina of erudition but no real insight or paradigm perception because they confusedly believe that the chaos of bashing ideas together to the point of political and social polarization rather than the wisdom of integrating the truths in opposing perspectives will result in good….instead of more confusion, chaos and (idiotically and probably unconsciously) perhaps an opportunity for demagogues and tyrants to take control and suppress the populace afterward……in the name of control and “progress”.

Kanye, Bannon and Trump. Birds of a feather flock together.


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