Paradigm Perception/Wisdom/Theory of Everything

Paradigm Perception is the supreme integrative art of understanding both essence and temporal complexity which is also a definition of what has traditionally been called wisdom. In this sense it is also the integration of the oppositional modes of deductive and inductive thought. In the peculiar and particular case of the new monetary and economic paradigm it (Gifting) is also an aspect of  the natural philosophical understanding of wisdom’s pinnacle concept, i.e. grace, which also happens to be the core concept behind every paradigm change as well as the basic state of the entire cosmos.

In other words the concept and experience of grace (or whatever other name it is given by the world’s major wisdom traditions) is not only the concept behind every permanently progressive change in human history (a paradigm change) it is also a TOE (theory of everything) both temporally-empirically and philosophically-metaphysically.


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