Paradigm Change Pre and Post Signatures

Insights From a New Tool Discovery/Re-discovery of Insights Derived From an Old Tool and/or Combined Insights From Both

One of the signatures of a paradigm change is the discovery of a new tool or the re-discovery of insights from an old tool.

With the new monetary and economic paradigm it is both….and both combined. The insights to be found in double entry bookkeeping is the re-discovered tool and the dynamic, interactive, abundant and integrative flowing reality of the temporal universe described by both the world’s wisdom traditions and quantum physics is the combined old and new discovery.

Conceptual Opposition/Apparent Illogicality

Extreme Polarization of Opinion/Theoretical Perspective In Area of Paradigm Change, and If The Current Paradigm Has Lingered Very Long The Same In Related and Even Seemingly Unrelated Fields/Systems/Bodies of Knowledge

Inversion/Transformation of a Problematic Duality of the Old/Current P aradigm

Increase in Abundance/Knowledge and Improved Human Survivability

End of the Dominance of the Dominant Structural Entity Within The Old Paradigm

Establishment of the Primacy of the New Paradigm

Permanence of Change/Improvement

If The Old Paradigm Has Gone On For A Long Time and/or Become a Thoroughly Integrated Aspect of Life the New Paradigm Will Concommitantly Have Wide Systemic and Interdisciplinary Effects





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