Posted To Ellen Brown’s Public Banking Forum 09/15/2018

Social Credit was always a superior economic theory to Keynesianism and the neo-classical synthesis which it got morphed into, but what not even Social Crediters realized was how to take a superior theory and raise it to the level of paradigm change.
You do that by first realizing that the temporal universe does not allow a static/statistical equilibrium so attempting to merely fill “the gap” will not resolve the problem. Then you study paradigm changes and realize that one of their major signatures is inversion/transformation of the major problems of the old/current paradigm which in the economy and money system means inverting individual income scarcity and systemic austerity into an overflowing abundance of same, and in a dynamically ongoing and continual way….not just a statistical/numerical equilibrium which is a full stop and hence does not flow.

Douglas was a very bright and insightful man, but his Social Crediter followers who lived during the infancy of quantum physics and the birthing of macro-economics fell back into classical economic ideas of statistical balance. Also, they did not fully realize the full and true power of their second policy besides the dividend, the retail discount. If you implement a high percentage debit-credit monetary and pricing policy (of say 50%) only at the terminal expression point for any and all forms of inflation and which is also the terminal ending point of the entire legitimate economic process where production becomes consumption….then you would not only double everyone’s potential purchasing power you would also double the potential free and available income for every enterprise’s goods and services. And remember, the policy only takes effect at inflation’s terminal expression point and at every good and service’s terminal ending point… a 50% discount/rebate policy not only eliminates any possibility of inflation it almost miraculously….but only transformationally 🙂 ….integrates price deflation painlessly and beneficially for all agents individual and commercial….into profit making economics.

So the two policies of the dividend and discount/rebate invert/transform an austere/balky/rigged to collapse system into a paradigm changed one of free flowing abundance for all agents.

Of course homo sapiens not being a wholly rational or ethical species some rules and regs will need to accompany these basic policies, but despite the protestations of those somewhat too obsessed and enamored with (legitimate) research and details, the historical record shows that everything adapts to a new paradigm….not the other way around. Just align policy and the rules and regs with aspects of the concept behind the paradigm itself and you’ll “never put a foot wrong”.

I also look forward to Derryl Hermanutz’s interview. It appears his electromagnetic theory about consciousness pretty much dove tails with my ideas about the several extraordinary experiences I’ve had and attributed them to having an increased awareness of the electromagnetic waves that exist continually around us. So much so that space was experienced as almost palpable, and even though I didn’t see anything quantitatively different there was a vibrancy to everything and I was able experience tactile sensation of objects from a distance. These types of experiences are synonymous with descriptions from virtually all wisdom tradition’s of those possible if one’s attention is focused on the present moment. A state of dynamic, interactive gracefulness and flow.


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