Personal, Economic and Monetary Maxims

If you want to increase investment and profit increase free and available individual incomes in an intelligent and insightful way.

The banking ability to create money rips off everyone. Stand up on your own hind legs and demand their monopoly ability to do so end.

To double everyone’s individual purchasing power and hence double the amount of money available for every enterprise’s goods and services, realize that the pricing, money and accounting systems are all digital, and use a digital policy at the point of retail sale to discount prices and have the monetary authority rebate the discount back to the enterprise giving the discount.

Voila! No more individual income or business revenue scarcity, not just the elimination of inflation, but the painless and beneficial implementation of price deflation into profit making economic systems….and hence paradigm change in economics and money systems.

Look everywhere, especially where no one else is looking and where orthodoxy says you shouldn’t look, and you’ll be much more aware than almost everybody…and you might just change the world.

When in doubt integrate and keep on integrating.

Grace-graciousness is love in action.

The temporal and quantum universes are essentially the same, it’s just that there’s more time, space and hence opportunity for randomness in the former for consciousness to perceive.

Economists are very smart. If they were also wise they’d see the solutions to the problems they’re stymied by.

Employment is good. Leisure, that is, self chosen positive and constructive directed activity, is good. And having employment and a lot more money and a lot more leisure time to enjoy using it…is an ideal combination.

When you become comfortable with ambiguity is when you really begin to learn to think independently and creatively.




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