Economists Are Smart

That’s the problem. They aren’t thinking simply and deeply enough. Paradigm changes aren’t that complicated especially if you’re conscious of the present one because a new paradigm is always conceptually completely oppositional to the current paradigm. The Copernican cosmological paradigm change was most basically going from earth centrism to helio-centrism. Simply an inversion/exchange of the opposite’s orbit. Hunting and Gathering to Agriculture was largely going from nomadism to homesteading, moving around to staying in one place. The Reformation was absolution via only the Church’s sacraments to having a direct relationship with God, i.e. indirectness to directness. Economically it’s systemic theoretical complexity to policy simplicity, and monetarily it’s individual income scarcity and systemic austerity to monetary abundance for both.

New paradigm perception is really not that hard…unless you’re too smart and caught up in complexities and orthodoxies to look at and see basic simplicities, to discern signatures and patterns and to value opposites.

Being smart is good, being wise is invaluable.


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