Our Current Political and Economic Problem

Me:  Republicans had better wake up and realize that their party has been hijacked by the disintegrative intellectual populism of Bannon and the third rate intellect and demagogery of Donald Trump. The integration of the truths in opposites has always been wisdom and its very process. We don’t need the arrogance of political and economic orthodoxies on the left or the right and we especially don’t need it from a false and deluded populist thirdness. We need an actual integration of the particles of truth on the left and right. That doesn’t mean some mealy mouthed compromise that does not result in any actual change at all, nor does it mean the stupidity of poison pill compromise that only results in furhter contentiousness and no real change either. An integrative change is a deep and effective change in the same sense that wisdom is depth of thought and understanding. Think about it.

JS:  You mean integrative populism?

Me:  Historically populism has been riven with demagoguery and either disintegrative thinking or anti-intellectualism…the same way as it is today. Thirdness alone is not wisdom. Wisdom is thirdness greater oneness. Counterfeits of wisdom abound because they are not sufficiently intellectually integrative to be actual wisdom. The philosophical concept of grace is the pinnacle concept of wisdom and hence a trinity-unity-oneness of the truths in opposite perspectives. Integration/wisdom is unitary, not schismatic or half baked intellectualism.

JS:  So, which politician has thirdness?

Me:  Unfortunately probably none. There may be a few who have inklings of it, but they’re still hampered by ignorance and lingering orthodoxy. Social Credit is wisdom because its based on the thirdness greater oneness of the philosophical concept of grace as in monetary gifting. The monetary problem is the deepest and most long lasting one that civilization has been plagued by. Resolve that in a truly paradigm changing way and it will have knock on effects in politics, sociology, psychology, economics you name it systemically and individually. I think the potential for direct and reciprocal monetary gifting is that it will be the greatest, deepest and broadest paradigm change since Hunting and Gathering to Agriculture-Homesteading. But it has to be REAL wisdom, not some thinly veiled cultural or political biases. It has to be thorough not flimsy or fake.

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