Unions In The Wisdomics-Gracenomics Economy

In the new paradigm unions will be strong again because there will be options to middle class incomes other than employment only. Hence they won’t have “the reserve army of the unemployed” weakening their leverage anymore. Also, the monopoly money creating power of the private banks will be eliminated due to the fact that we will have a publicly administered national bank that not only is able to loan money at 0% interest, but also participate in the discount/rebate policy further reducing prices and increasing potential individual purchasing power.

The entire philosophical thrust of business will tend toward grace as in greater prosperity and profitability for business and grace as in cooperative flow between business and employees rather than the obsessive contention we see now or even the dominance of forcing rip gut wages on the helpless populace. ….and if employers fall back into such ungracious behavior despite the many benefits Wisdomics-Gracenomics will bring them there’s always public scorn and painful sin taxation to help guide/induce them back toward grace as in humane consideration for the Other.

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