Grace As In The Primacy of Ethics

If ethics aren’t primary in every human interaction and in human systems, then the inevitable result will be pain, harm and disharmony. Now this doesn’t mean you have to be obsessive or doctrinaire about morals and ethics, after all ethics is the rational consideration of morals not some humorless, exacting and judgemental unhealthiness.

Primacy means first and last and always most considered. If you don’t base your thoughts and actions on the loftiness of a well considered ethic the center never holds and it is not only possible that you will abandon your ethics it is almost inevitable. And if we do base your lives and our systems on an unimpeachable ethic like the natural philosophical concept of grace as in the primacy of ethics our lives and systems will be so much more robust, securely embraced by the populace and stabily productive of the Good.

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