With Major Paradigm Changes….

…very little changes…except the character of your entire life. It depends on the area of one’s life and how time consuming and significant it is to you in your everyday life. We are in the midst of the paradigm change from analogue to digital information which is major, but the last time we had an even larger paradigm change was from Hunting and Gathering to Homesteading and Agriculture. With the change from Debt Only to Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting we’ll have the same depth of change.  But what will change other than the system going from monetary austerity to abundance and every economic agent going from individual income scarcity to abundance as well? Here’s a short list off the top of my head:

  1. Finance’s monopoly money creating power will end
  2. Prices will be cut in half and consequently everyone’s potential purchasing power will increase by 100%
  3. Additionally, with a $1000/mo dividend,  everyone 18 and older will have $24,000/yr guaranteed and every two person head of household will have $48,000/yr thus immediately ending poverty, and with even part time jobs making say $20,000/yr for each they thus have a total potential purchasing power of  $128,000/yr

So again, almost nothing structurally will change, at least immediately, but the character of your entire economic and monetary life…is transformed.

Now the soon to occur “knock on” effects will undoubtedly be transformative as well so far as the elimination of redundant transfer taxation because who needs to pay for welfare, unemployment insurance etc. etc. when everyone makes $24k/yr and if they have part time jobs they’re upper middle class? Likewise with Monetary Gifting becoming the new paradigm large cuts in income taxes for both individuals and enterprise will be possible because the federal government could simply gift governments on the fereral and state levels. (Perhaps lower levels of government could be folded into the state level as well, or they could chose to levy taxes [or not] to suit their own goals and purposes.)

Of course an intelligent program to help guide people constructively and healthily into monetary abundance and leisure would be necessary. A cooperative effort by the clergy, helping professions and the government with public service announcements akin to those which helped lower smoking rates would be a good start toward making people more aware of the miriade possibilities for positive and constructive purposes in addition to or other than employment.

A form of service akin to the Peace Corps would also be an extremely constructive and important manifestation. What if a percentage of the budget and fixed resources of the military (or an increase of them) could be used for modernizing our own infrastructure and that of third world nations?  Duty is an extremely high concept, especially when tied to constructive purposes, and could bloom into world changing positive effects. And of course as other nations saw our example they would be foolish not to copy it and choose to create abundance over lingering in scarcity.

Re-fitting production and structural construction to cutting edge ecologically clean and sustainable levels?

Again, lots of other creative and constructive changes would undoubtedly also take place on a non-profit basis, and with the end of the monopolistic parasitism, domination and manipulation of the money creating power transferred to a publicly administered system precisely and consciously aligned with the concept of grace as in benevolent gifting profit making entreprenuerialism will also flourish.

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