Re-energizing Utopian Energies and the New Paradigm: Posted To RWER Blog 09/02/2018

DR:  Habermas’s view is that society has been reoriented away from the concept of labor toward that of communication, which requires a different way of “linking up with the utopian tradition.” The alternative approach would be to rethink the concept of labor in terms of class and analyze the ways in which the forces of capital that were supposed to be regulated and contained by the social welfare state were left with both the interest and means to undo those regulations. And it’s the center that put itself in the position of responding to and representing the progressive dismantling of the economic side of the social welfare state—in deregulating finance, pursuing globalization, and helping to unleash new digital technologies. The result was, not surprisingly, the growth of obscene levels of inequality, increasing precariousness for large parts of the working-class, and finally the crisis that broke out in 2008, which has led not only to economic but also political breakdown.

However, as Shenker correctly observes, “the breakdown of any political order can be both emancipatory and revanchist.” And it now falls to the Left to reharness and reinvigorate the utopian impulses and energies that the center has squandered in order to chart a path forward.

Me:  His analysis is good, the way forward and upward isn’t quite as well understood. Progressives need to consult the dialectic Marx cobbed from Hegel, and conservatives need to FINALLY get past Smith’s invisible hand. Both perspectives are ideologies looking for justification. The way forward is a true thirdness greater oneness integration of the truths, workabilities, relevant and emerging factors/applicabilities and the highest ethical considerations of the two persectives.

Much of the research and theorizing for this synthesis/integration has already been done by the likes of Steve Keen, Michael Hudson and others, now all it really needs is perception of the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting as the singular concept that describes and fits within the new pattern and a nice theoretical handle like Wisdomics-Gracenomics to more clearly identify and indicate what is actually needed to make the thirdness greater oneness a more conscious understanding.

In this way we can re-energize the Utopian thrust while inverting its generally perceived and actual top down orientation into freeing the many hands of individuals….to create what they consider to be their ideal scene/own utopia.

After all, inversion is a signature of paradigm change.

DT:  Smith’s hands being invisible, he didn’t notice that we have two hands, the two sides of our brain (one predominantly for sound and the other for vision) tending to use them differently. Craig using words transparently hasn’t noticed their lack of direct inversion (such as one gets in the positive and negative of a photograph). Words need to be supplied with content.

Me:  Quite the contrary Dave my concept of the cosmic code recognizes Duality as a reality and trinity-unity as the result of their integration…much like our vision is a unitary integration of the left and right eyes. All realities are real, it’s just that some are more complete. And so far as content is concerned the cosmic code being a TOE and the expression of virtually everything….if one trains oneself to perceive it…is also the very expression of content.


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