Wisdom: The Integration of Both Inductive and Deductive Thinking Paradigm Perception: The Knowledge of Grace-Consciousness

Wisdom is the integration of opposites and their truths, workabilities, applicabilities and highest ethical considerations. This is why it is so valued and its insights are so deep compared to merely collecting data, theorizing or even using philosophy. As inductive and deductive thought are opposite forms of same, the unique ability to combine and utilize them both for greater and deeper insight is one of the signatures of wisdom and also grace-consciousness itself.

While wisdom is the integration of inductive and deductive thought, paradigm perception is the highest level of induction, in other words it is the recognition of a specific single concept that fits seamlessly within an entire pattern, transforms the nature and realities of old structures and actually creates a thirdness greater oneness that is also an entirely new pattern. Trinity Unity Oneness has always been the signature of wisdom’s integrative conclusions, paradigm perception-change and of grace-consciousness itself. This is because a component part of paradigm perception is consciousness itself.

Only consciousness truly transforms and creates anew. That is why it is so powerful, and also why wisdom and contemplation are so important in paradigm perception because they facilitate the self actualization of consciousness.


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