The Real Nature and Description of the Present Economy and Its New Paradigmatic Resolution

Macro-economically it’s described as complex, technologically highly productive, inherently cost inflationary, alternately raped and smothered financial chaos.

Human economic history has always been monetarily unstable because sufficient individual incomes have never been equal to costs and thus prices. Finance has also always been a part of human civilization and because it is an additional flow of costs it has simply added to that inherent cost inflationary nature. As finance has come to dominate economies by siphoning off tremendous amounts of potential individual income into ever fewer hands and the complex, drawn out and expensive production process was accompanied by the ever increasing depreciation costs of fixed capital it has become even more unstable. This system and its process as shown above is bounded neither on the lower end by costs nor the upper end by price and that is indeed the description of chaos.

5000 years of cost inflation, increasingly additional financial costs on an increasing array of products post retail sale and the enforcement of Finance’s monopolistic paradigm of Debt/Burden Only can only be resolved by the conceptually oppositional paradigm (as all new paradigms are) of Monetary Gifting directly to the individual and reciprocally back to enterprise after they have gifted consumers with a high percentage discount at the point of sale from one business model to the next one on the way toward, and through to the terminal ending point of the entire legitimate economic process at retail sale.

As cost cutting is always an economic virtue and Occam’s Razor tells us that the simplest solution is always the best, the the central bank must become a publicly administered utility that creates and distributes all new monies and administers the dividend and discount/rebate policies. Private banking will be able to pool and loan out already created and saved money, only. so that there is never any question about who is profiting or not, and there is never any systemic consequences if it’s the latter instead of the former. Also, as a public utility never has to make a profit the public banking system can loan at 0% interest and as it does not add any costs post retail sale can actually be dovetailed into and become the new legitimate end of the economic/productive process thus enabling an additional 50% discount to any needed debt for expensive high ticket items. In other words if a $30,000 car is discounted at retail sale to $15,000 and the other $15,000 is rebated back to the dealership to make them whole on their margins and overheads, then the remaining note can then be further reduced by 50% or $7500. The graciousness of monetary abundance is so much better and freeing than scarcity of same.

The end of the domination of modern economies by Debt Only by the new paradigm of Gifting will enable much more rapid debt erasure and with sufficient monetary abundance increasingly reduce Debt’s necessity.

Note: A high percentage discount/rebate policy at the points of sale as per above will also not only eliminate “monetary” inflation it will integrate price deflation painlessly and beneficially into profit making systems.


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