My Economics

Research and theory-wise I’m in probably 99% agreement with Steve Keen’s mathematical and iconoclastic critique of DSGE and his abstract re-discovery of Douglas’s cost accounting insight. I admire Michael Hudson’s parasitical critique of modern Finance. Policy form and cost accounting perspective-wise I’m in complete agreement with C. H. Douglas.

I’ve also recognized that while the economy is incredibly complex the way to cut through that complexity is to utilize the empirical infrastructure of double entry bookkeeping and its subset cost accounting for data upon which calculus can be applied to decipher modern technologically advanced capital intensive economy’s two most chronic problems, scarcity of available individual incomes and inflation, which consequently gives us the ratio that desribes not only these two problems but enlightens its inherent individual monetary scarcity and cost inflationary nature.

While learning theoretically from both Keen and Hudson and about policy from Douglas, what I have done is philosophically and integratively extended and innovated Douglas’s policies in a way that elevates them to the level of paradigm change.

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