Accounting And The Paradigm Change

In order for a paradigm to be a paradigm its transformative and resolving effects must fit seamlessly within the body of knowledge/area of human knowledge the paradigm applies. This why double entry bookkeeping aka accounting is the perfect vehicle and tool for the new monetary and economic paradigm to express itself.

Accounting is both simultaneously a record of the minutiae of the micro-economy and the underlying infrastructure of the entire macro-economy. Further its debit-credit digital nature is the same as the pricing and money systems, and finally this digital nature is perfectly suited to immediately resolve excesses of debt and scarcities of individual incomes and business revenues with a digital point of retail sale discount/rebate policy.

Paradigms are characterized by their elegance, simplicity and yet broadness and depth of effect, and accounting and the above digital policy fit that definition and reality…to a Tee.


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