Here’s An Axiom For Economists and Economic Pundits

Here’s an axiom for economists and economic pundits: The point of final retail sale is the terminal summing point for all costs and prices for any item or service and also the terminal ending point of the entire legitimate economic/productive process, that is, where production become consumption.

This means that the “business” model of private money creation/finance is NOT a legitimate economic/productive one because it is an additional cost POST RETAIL SALE. 300-400 years ago production was not nearly as complex, drawn out and costly so far as depreciation/obsolescence etc. was concerned as modern production is hencethe process has become fundamentally cost inflationary, and macro economists have lost sight of such cost accounting realities. Hence they have missed the fundamental illegitimacy of private financial costs.

Economists bandy the words “paradigm change” around without actually understanding what such an occurrence exactly is and what its signatures are.

It is not the shallowness of reform. It is ALWAYS BOTH an inversion of the PRIMACY and a FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION of a currently dominating, increasingly unworkable and problematic way of thinking-philosophy and acting-policy. It ALWAYS clarifies and increases human knowledge as well as human productivity, abundance and survivability. It is ALWAYS conceptually oppositional to the current/old paradigm. It is ALWAYS accompanied by a new tool or the general rediscovery of insights from an old tool (the insights, truths and conventions to be found in the nature of double entry bookkeeping and its subset of cost accounting above). It ALWAYS eliminates vias and increases directness of its policy effects in the body of knowledge/area of human endeavor the paradigm change applies to. It ALWAYS ends current monopolies/virtual monopolies and eliminates any need for prior palliative reforms. It’s ALWAYS absurdity for the vast majority….right up until it’s recognized as the new general truth.

The policies of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting to the individual, at the point of sale and at final retail sale fulfills every one of these requirements/signatures.

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