Preamble To The New Monetary Paradigm

Finance is necessary. Both private and public finance are problematic in various ways. Money creation is not a legitimate private business model because it is an additional cost post retail sale, and because attempting to merely regulate it recognizes neither its current monopoly powers nor the inherent cost inflationary nature of technologically advanced profit making economic systems. Finally, the economic centrality of such private power and hence its inevitable ability to corrupt and warp the economic process makes it necessary to simplfy and effect an actual solution to these problems.

Hence the rational, most simplified and resolving course forward is a publicly administered banking/money creating structure that is based on and aligned with an unimpeachably wise and virtuous new paradigm-concept, namely grace as in Gifting which guarantees the individual a fair and satisfying share of the productive capacity of the economy they live within, reverses the inherent cost inflationary aspect of technologically advanced profit making systems and enables competitive businesses to better survive and thrive.


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