New Paradigm Macro-economics

Macro-economics was birthed only about 80 years ago, has only existed within the paradigm of Debt Only and has only had private finance as its overwhelmingly primary business model.

As retail sale is the end of the legitimate economic/productive process and private finance is an additional cost post retail sale it is not a legitimate economic/business model, and so a new macro-economics must arise out of this insight. It will be found that many of the instabilities and so called emergent qualities bedeviling present economics will either end or become much more easily mathematically handled, and the only other additional thing necessary is the change in primacy from Debt Only to Debt and Monetary Gifting.

In fact macro-economics was the delusional body of knowledge crafted as if private finance was an authentic economic/business model when a public banking system wed to the new paradigm of Monetary Gifting could actually extend the point of retail sale costlessly by making all loans in the future at 0% (the government not being a business model and hence not required to make profit) and enabling the discount/rebate policy to be applied to it as well. Then we could truly have “an ownership economy” and the “withering away” of the real problem that has primarily resulted in the fall of civilizations for over 5000 years, the monetary paradigm of Debt Only/Additional Cost Post Retail Sale.

Yes, the long 5000 year old neurotic hypnosis of private finance and its dominating paradigm is ending with both hope and hard and fast temporal universe policy effects….”and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.”


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