Axiomatization, Integration and Realization In Economics and Otherwise

Me:  Axiomatizations are utilized to formalize knowledge into data….for people who do not practice contemplation. And that’s why wisdom is more important and superior as a discipline….to science.

And when you wed axiomatization of the fact that the point of sale is a summing of costs and prices and retail sale is the terminal ending of the summing of costs and prices in any economy to contemplating-looking at the temporal universe effects (the end of systemic monetary austerity and individual monetary scarcity) of the policies of a universal dividend and a 50% discount/rebate policy at the point of sale throughout the entire process of the economy and at retail sale….is when a paradigm changing individual and systemic realization occurs.

And these simple but not simplistic policies may insult the erudite and well intentioned vanities of economists and economic pundits whose minds still partially reside within the old paradigm, but historically nearly everyone has egg on their faces at the time of paradigm changes…until they see it themselves… no shame in that. In fact the only real sin is advocating a palliative when an actual solution is available.

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